Chickpea and chicken curry with naan bread – recipe

It was a hot and sunny day and I was craving something spicy. That’s why I decided to make this chicken curry with chickpeas, served with slices of naan bread. If you are curious about the recipe, follow me along!

Foolproof chocolate-chip cookie recipe

What’s better then laying on the couch with a plate of nice chewy cookies filled with chocolate to munch away. This time I will share an easy chocolate-chip cookie recipe that will result in chewy chocolate chip cookies!

A day in Den Bosch – Cat café Mispoes

When traveling through North-Brabandt, there is one café that cat-lovers simply cannot miss; cat café Mispoes! I went here back in 2017 with some of my best friends. I missed out on the experience of going to a cat café when I was in Japan, so I was happy to find out that there was…

11 fun games to play with your 8 month old baby

Now that our little lion is 8 months already (time flies), it is time to play some new games using his newly learned skills! Follow me along in these 11 games to play at home with your 8 month old baby.

Home-made Japanese curry blocks – 100% from scratch

Last week I showed you my recipe for Japanese curry, or カレーライス. Since not everyone will have pre-made curry blocks on hand, I will show you how to make these at home. So, in this post I will share my recipe for the Japanese curry powder mixture and how to make the curry cubes 100%…

Japanese chicken curry recipe

Japanese curry, or カレーライス, is one of my favourite comfort dishes! Make it either spicy or sweet, fill it up with delicious vegetables, maybe add some meat and serve it with some steaming hot rice. Follow me along in making this delicious and comfy dish!

Matsumoto hotspots – 48 hours in Matsumoto

Matsumoto is the second largest city in Nagano and famous for it’s beautiful castle. (In my opinion even more beautiful than Osaka castle!) I have lived in Matsumoto for 5 months during my study abroad, so in this post I will take you on a trip to this beautiful city! Start your day off by…

A 48-hour itinerary to Stockholm

Finally, after a long time of not being able to travel almost anywhere, the world seems to go back to normal again. I missed traveling so much! So, today I will show you the perfect 48-hour itinerary to Stockholm!

Pina Colada recipe

Pina colada is one of my favorites when it comes to cocktails! Sweet creamy goodness with a hint of coconut and pineapple. And of course rum! This sweet comination is perfect during spring and summer. ♡

Easy cinnamon-rolls recipe

It’s always nice to have some freshly baked sweets ready to ease those sweet cravings. Cinnamon-rolls are delicious and quite easy to make, and you can even freeze the dough after you cut them into shape to have some ready-to-go sugary goods on hand. So today I will share this very delicious recipe for cinnamon-rolls.

Generator Hostel Stockholm

Looking for a fun, bubbly and comfortable place to stay in Stockholm that is also affordable? Then Generator might just be what you are looking for! Last weekend I spent my time in Sweden, Stockholm to be exact. I had such a lovely time! Are you going to Stockholm soon? Read here more about Generator hostel!

Maastricht hotspot – De Brandweer Kantine

Looking for a nice place to get a drink and eat some lunch after you are done shopping in Maastricht? Then check out De Brandweer Kantine! They serve many dishes and drinks and offer a great place for some relaxation (or get some work done). 

Weekend trip from Tokyo – 48 hours at Lake Kawaguchi

When going to Japan for the first time, there are of course a few things on your list that you will want to see, the Skytree, Akihabara, and number one on people’s bucket-lists: Mt. Fuji! But since Mt. Fuji is only visible on clear days, you might get disappointed when taking a bus tour, as your won’t be able to see much. So what to do then? I’d say, take a weekend trip to Lake Kawaguchi! This is my itinerary for Lake Kawaguchi.

The Ultimate Guide to Tokyo in 48 hours

Tokyo is Japan’s capital city and is always full of life. Sometimes you don’t have a lot of time to explore and therefore I created this guide for spending 48 hour in Tokyo based on my experiences!