A 48-hour itinerary to Stockholm

Finally, after a long time of not being able to travel almost anywhere, the world seems to go back to normal again. I missed traveling so much! So, today I will show you the perfect 48-hour itinerary to Stockholm!

Seeing these pictures makes me want to go back so much! Also, be sure to put on your hiking boots or comfy sneakers, because you will be walking a whole lot!

Day one:

Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan is the Old Town of Stockholm, where cute little street ways and old colourful buildings surround you. This is also where many cute cafes and shops are located that are perfect for a Fika. Many tourists visit these small colorful alleys due to the many (souvernir) shops and cafés, and to snap some Insta-worthy pictures.

Stadshuset (City Hall)

Bellowing near the waterbed, there is a gorgeous building with three golden crowns on top; Stadshuset, the City Hall of Stockholm. The grand and majestic halls are filled with unique art pieces and makes one of the hotspots you definitely shouldn’t miss. For the full experience, get a tour, the guide will gladly guide you through and tell the tales within these walls.

Vasa Museum

The Vasa Museum is build around one huge Swedish battle ship, the Vasa ship. This ship originates from 1600 where it sank and had been lying on the bottom of the sea for more than 300 years. As soon as you enter the Museum hall, you will be blown away with the sight. In the middle lies the ship, majestic in size and very overwhelming (in a good way!). Alongside the walls are all the stories about these tough times, going to sea. Immerse yourself in the history of the Vasa ship and believe me, you will not be disappointed.

Day two:


Skansen is the oldest Open-Air museum in the world! Enjoy the Swedish historic culture with its cute cottages, enjoying a kanelbulle along the way. Get to see what lives they lived and enjoy the scenery of the nature. But, when you are going to Skansen you can also visit the Aquarium. Where you can see many different kinds of fish, reptiles and insects. Definitely a must see, and also a great spot to go to with children.

The Swedish History Museum

The Swedish History Museum is all about the history and culture of Sweden from the Mesolithic period all the way up to the present. With the Swedish History Museum being one of Sweden’s largest museum, this is definitely the best place to visit exhibitions on Vikings and marvel at the beautiful historical Art. With a great tour you will get to know all about the building, artwork and the incredible wealth that Sweden had from the 16th to the 18th centuries.

How to get to from Arlanda Airport to Stockholm

These are the easiest ways for you to get from Arlanda Airport to Stockholm.

By Train

Going by train is the fastest way to get from Arlanda Airport to Stockholm city center. The Arlanda Express takes you from the Airport to the Central Station in 20 minutes, with departures every 15 minutes. But make sure you book well in advance for the best prices, as tickets bought onboard can be more expensive.

Or you can take a commuter train, which departs every 30 minutes and will take you to the Central Station in approximately 45 minutes.

By bus

Enjoy the amazing views when traveling by bus, whether you travel in summer or winter, each season makes for a great view. The Flygbussarna Airport Coaches depart every 10-15 minutes between the airport and the central station of Stockholm.

Flixbus also their own route, departing directly from terminal 5. The busses take about 35-45 minutes.

You can also make use of a taxi, which will take you approximately 40 minutes to reach Stockholm.

Or you can rent a car and drive there yourself. This will take you about 40-45 minutes (or longer, depending on the little sightseeing-detour!).

For more information please take a look at the website of Visit Sweden.

Getting around the city – The Stockholm Pass and Public Transport Card

And lastly, but definitely not least, there is the Stockholm Pass and the Public Transport Card, allowing you to fully explore and travel through Stockholm on a breeze. You can either book the Stockholm Pass online in advance, or get to the nearest Tourist Office in Stockholm itself.

The Stockholm Pass includes entry to 45 top attractions, boat tours and free use of the Hop-on-hop-off bus. You can choose the duration of the pass, with starting prices from 69 euro for the whole day. Check it out to see if you think this will help you in your travels to Sweden. If you are not sure you can always ask for guidance once you are there at the nearest tourist office.

Generator Hostel Stockholm

If you are planning on taking a trip to Stockholm, check out this post on the Generator Hostel in Stockholm! This is a great place to stay and not expensive at all. There are cocktails, a bar filled with loads of deliciousness and very friendly people!


Have you been to Sweden before, if so what was you favorite place?

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