A day in Den Bosch – Cat café Mispoes

When traveling through North-Brabandt, there is one café that cat-lovers simply cannot miss; cat café Mispoes! I went here back in 2017 with some of my best friends. I missed out on the experience of going to a cat café when I was in Japan, so I was happy to find out that there was one not too far away from where I live. ♡

When you first enter, you will be asked whether you have an appointment (so be sure to book in advance!). After we checked in we were told what kind of rules there were in terms of safety of the cats and hygiene. Then we had to disinfect our hands and were ready to step through the gate!

We were welcomed by a small little kitty who was watching us safely from above, on top of a cupboard. Here many different tables were aligned, for small and bigger groups of people, to enjoy a nice afternoon tea.

The cats had many different toys to play with, as well as many places for them to withdraw. The could sleep in kitty-castles and lie on top of cupboards hanging on the walls, there were many pillows for them on the couch and were also able to go outside to escape the people and have some alone-time.


The menu varies from hot chocolate milk and tea, to delicious sandwiches and mouthwatering cakes.

They also have a souvenir shop, where they selling jewelery, like rings in the shape of a cat, and even a kitty castle!

kattencafe mispoes

The best part was when one of the Girls working there, gave us a laser to play with the cats! They were jumping from one place to the other, and a few kitten collisions when two cats both wanted to catch the red dot.

It was such a lovely evening! Definitelyy a must go to for all cat lovers out there who are exploring Den Bosch.

Have you ever been to a cat café?

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  1. Priti says:

    No I haven’t visited a cat’s caffe! Iooking beautiful well shared thanks 😊👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mimi Mochi says:

      Thank you!♡


      1. Priti says:

        You are welcome stay happy 😊


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