Matsumoto hotspots – 48 hours in Matsumoto

Matsumoto is the second largest city in Nagano and famous for it’s beautiful castle. (In my opinion even more beautiful than Osaka castle!) I have lived in Matsumoto for 5 months during my study abroad, so in this post I will take you on a trip to this beautiful city! Start your day off by…

Weekend trip from Tokyo – 48 hours at Lake Kawaguchi

When going to Japan for the first time, there are of course a few things on your list that you will want to see, the Skytree, Akihabara, and number one on people’s bucket-lists: Mt. Fuji! But since Mt. Fuji is only visible on clear days, you might get disappointed when taking a bus tour, as your won’t be able to see much. So what to do then? I’d say, take a weekend trip to Lake Kawaguchi! This is my itinerary for Lake Kawaguchi.

Rules for visiting a Hot Spring in Japan – Onsen bathing etiquette

Onsen, or Hot Spring, and bathing houses have their own set of rules as they are public bathing places. If you are going to Japan and are planning on going to a public bathhouse make sure you know the basic rules, as to where to take off your clothes, when and where to wash, and what to do with your towel. Here are some of the basic bathing etiquette when visiting an onsen in Japan.

The Ultimate Guide to Tokyo in 48 hours

Tokyo is Japan’s capital city and is always full of life. Sometimes you don’t have a lot of time to explore and therefore I created this guide for spending 48 hour in Tokyo based on my experiences!

How to pack for your trip to Tokyo

Are you planning a trip to Japan, but aren’t sure what you should pack? What are the do’s and don’t when walking through the streets of Tokyo? In this article I will tell you what kind of weather you can expect and how to be well prepared for your trip (fashion wise). So keep on reading if you want to see my tips on how to pack for Tokyo!