11 fun games to play with your 8 month old baby

Now that our little lion is 8 months already (time flies), it is time to play some new games using his newly learned skills! Follow me along in these 11 games to play at home with your 8 month old baby.

Japan story time – the ‘happiness ritual’

I have been warned by many people that during my stay in Japan I shouldn’t open the door for anyone you don’t know. since there are a lot of NHK salesmen that want to trick you into signing a contract. There were some other people however, that really scared me. They wanted to take us to the airport, by car, late at night, for a ritual..

2017 book haul!

Although I don’t go to Amsterdam that often, there is always one good reason to go: books! Maastricht has a beautiful book store in the Dominican church, but the amount of English books they have is pretty small. Therefore Waterstones or the American Book Center in Amsterdam are my go-to places for some great books! This is what I came home with on my last trip, come take a look!


I have been nominated for my first award by thesparklingsuitcase! Thank you so much! She has a super nice lifestyle blog, so make sure to check her out!

Maastricht hotspot – Korean restaurant Dadawan review

There are so many amazing restaurants in Maastricht that I have yet to discover! But one I can cross off my list now is Dadawan, A Korean style restaurant. Since we had to celebrate my friend going to Korea for some months and my other for getting a job in Japan (proud of you guys!), we went to Dadawan!

The Ultimate Guide to Tokyo in 48 hours

Tokyo is Japan’s capital city and is always full of life. Sometimes you don’t have a lot of time to explore and therefore I created this guide for spending 48 hour in Tokyo based on my experiences!

Irrational fears

I am pretty sure everyone has some weird quirks that we kind of neglect and never really talk about. I noticed how I had many strange fears and customs that I never even bothered thinking twice about. Keep on reading to learn about of some of my strange fears!