Summertime no-bake quark cake with Orange jelly – recipe

Now that it is starting to get warmer I am craving fruits, especially citrus fruits. This chilled quark cake is best on a hot day, served with some cool lemonade. It also makes a great eye-catcher for any garden party! Ingredients 300 gram natural biscuits 190 gram unsalted butter 750 gram vanilla quark 500 ml cream 150 ml orange juice…

Foolproof chocolate-chip cookie recipe

What’s better then laying on the couch with a plate of nice chewy cookies filled with chocolate to munch away. This time I will share an easy chocolate-chip cookie recipe that will result in chewy chocolate chip cookies!

Pina Colada recipe

Pina colada is one of my favorites when it comes to cocktails! Sweet creamy goodness with a hint of coconut and pineapple. And of course rum! This sweet comination is perfect during spring and summer. ♡

Easy cinnamon-rolls recipe

It’s always nice to have some freshly baked sweets ready to ease those sweet cravings. Cinnamon-rolls are delicious and quite easy to make, and you can even freeze the dough after you cut them into shape to have some ready-to-go sugary goods on hand. So today I will share this very delicious recipe for cinnamon-rolls.

Fluffy valentine pancakes

Pancakes are the best things ever! Eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, with maple syrup, ice, butter or fruits. You can combine it with anything! This is a great recipe for valentine’s day, or mother’s day, father’s day, just everyday. This recipe does take a while to prepare, but it is totally worth…

Dutch cookies: Cat’s tongue – recipe

These cookies are so nostalgic for me! My grandmother always used to give me these, together with a cup of earl gray with way too much sugar, haha! They are very delicious and very easy to make. You probably have all the ingredients already at home! So here is the recipe for cat’s tongues cookies:

Poffertjes recipe

You might know them, the Dutch mini pancakes: poffertjes. And with this recipe you are guaranteed to have some super fluffy poffertjes on your plate in no time!