Generator Hostel Stockholm

Looking for a fun, bubbly and comfortable place to stay in Stockholm that is also affordable? Then Generator might just be what you are looking for!

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Last weekend I spent my time in Sweden, Stockholm to be exact. My boyfriend had booked the trip as a surprise and we had such a lovely time! I had always wanted to go to Sweden, after my trip to Japan deciding on whether or not to migrate was really on my mind. To live in Japan, Australia or maybe something closer to home, like.. Sweden? And so, I got really interested in going to Scandinavia. 

After the flight to Skavsta airport, we took the Flygbussarna to Stockholm central. From here, Generator hostel was just a 15 minute walk away. 

When we entered the lobby, everything looked really artsy and cool. There were many others of our age, sitting around tables drinking and having a laugh. A really good first impression! The staff gave us the card to our room and explained us about breakfast. We bought breakfast for two mornings and received four coins (or tokens). You can exchange these tokens for one dish on the breakfast menu at the bar, including a drink (that you can freely refill).

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The elevator took us to the 5th floor, room 512. It was a very basic room with a desk to work at, a place to put away your clothes, a bed and a bathroom. The bathroom was built built inside a red cabin, which reminded me of those English telephone cells. After drinking at the Hilma bar, downstairs with a direct connection from the Generator entry, we headed for bed. Everything was very clean, and other than the weird perfume smell on the mattress, I had had a very comfortable first stay that night.

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Alcoholic drinks in Sweden are actually quite expensive due to the high taxation on alcohol. But, nonetheless, we did have some delicious cocktails at the Hilma bar. The price for one cocktail was 135 SK, which is about €13,50. Even beers were usually about €5 or €6 for a bottle or glass. Comparing that to the price of a beer here in The Netherlands, it is quite expensive. 

Good to know is that you can pay almost everywhere with your creditcard in Sweden. We were planning on exchanging our euro’s for Swedish Crown, but ended up not doing this as we were told that it is easier and quicker to pay with a creditcard (though, I do like to save some international money as a souvenir sometimes).

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The next morning we exchanged the tokens for our menu of choice. I had the grilled focaccia, complemented with a salad and a coffee. A great start of the day! The second morning I picked the waffle with jam and cream, which was so good! It had just the right amount of sweetness to it, which wasn’t actually too sweet for an early breakfast. 

It is cheaper to buy the tokens (coins) at the reception desk beforehand, this will save you a few crown in the long run.

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From 17.30 till 11 they also serve dinner, ranging from Italian, Mexican and American.  So on our last night we had a pizza, which was freshly baked, though I must admit that the beetroot burger also sounded like music to my ears, with sweet walnuts, goat cheese and a grilled brioche bun. Hmmm.

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Monday morning it was time to pack our last items and head for the airport again. Our stay was lovely and comfortable, was centrally located and in walking distance of pretty much everything. You can easily take a tram or bus (or boat) and enjoy your visit to Stockholm. 

We ended up not using our transportation card that much. This way we got to walk around freely and see much more of the city. You can, however, use this card for all trams, buses and ferries. So, if you are not too keen on walking 15 km a day (which is what ended up doing), I would definitely suggest getting one of these.

Have you ever been to Generator Hostel?
If so, how was your experience?


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